3 Trends in CNC Manufacturing You Need to Know

Industry 4.0 is a current trend of combining digital technologies and big data and physical manufacturing production. With Industry 4.0 moving forward into the manufacturing industry, CNC manufacturing has been shifting its directions gradually as well. Here are 3 trends in CNC manufacturing that is worth exploring. 6-axis MachinesFirst, while the 5-axis CNC milling machines are still dominant in the market, a newer version of CNC milling machines, 6-axis milling machine, has emerged. What makes the 6-axis milling machines stand out is their additional rotation axis, which is usually the z-axis. The 6-axis CNC milling machines are able to perform faster than the standard 5-axis milling machines, reducing the time by up to 75%. Other than achieving higher efficiency, 6-axis CNC machines are also capable of executing more complicated tasks thanks to the additional rotation axis of it. The advantages of 6-axis machines are especially highlighted when it comes to craving out products with complex structures and when at least 5 axes of machining freedom are required. Another asset of 6-axis machines is their excellent capability to finish the assigned tasks with little mistakes, which effectively reduces the need to make any fixture and other additional actions that ensure the products’ quality.     Read more
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Driland Anime Jun 27, 2019