Steam Crave Glaz mini What is RTA?

Steam Crave Glaz mini

Steam Crave Glaz mini: What is RTA?

RTA means a rebuildable tank atomizer. RTA’s have a tank that contains the e-juice so people can customize their vaping experience and make the most out of their e-cigarettes. However, choosing an RTA that suits your fancy maybe a pretty hard thing to do. Let’s check if the Steam Crave Glaz Mini is a great RTA.

The UK Steam Crave Glaz Mini is a mouth to lung RTA that takes a new direction from the company’s signatory large-sized tanks. Like every other RTAs, the Glaz Mini also features all the standard components – drip tip, cap, chimney, glass tube, chamber, and the deck and base section. It includes Glaz Mini 2ml whole unit, Steam Crave Sticker, Spare glass heating chamber, Spare o-rings and screws, 5ml extension part, Spare 2ml glass, Allen Key and User Manual .

Steam Crave Glaz mini

Build and design

The Glaz Mini features advanced top-filling design and a single coil deck that makes you operate it effortlessly. While its glass chamber is designed to help you enjoy the flavor taste better, the atomizer guarantees flexibility when switching from 2ml to 5ml e-juice capacity, thanks to its 5ml extension part.

Compared to most MTL-focused RTAs, The Glaz Mini is not as narrower; neither is it taller than most tanks you see out there. While its build deck is relatively thin, you likely won’t have an issue building upon it.

The coils

You don’t have to break a sweat because you want to vape. It doesn’t have to get complicated, and Steam Crave Glaz Mini doesn’t disappoint. One of the things that make the Glaz Mini RTA enjoyable is how each coil seamlessly keys itself into the terminal because it comes with big screws that help lock the coils and trim leads in place.


Talk about smooth airflow, this RTA is pretty efficient and gives pure MTL. The airflow that comes with Glaz Mini ranges from a quite tight MTL draw down to one of the tightest draws you’ve probably ever got from an RTA. All four airflow settings give incredibly smooth draws.

Final thoughts

The fact that you could vape Steam Crave’s large DL tanks noiselessly is a big plus, and the Glaz Mini RTA is not an exception. It guarantees an easy build, great flavor, and cloud production. And if you fancy an MTL RTA that delivers a super tight draw, Glax Mini is the little beast that you can adjust to suit your taste.

Steam Crave Glaz mini

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  1. What is an RTA in Vaping?

    RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer and is part of the Rebuildable Atomizer family of vapes. RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), RTA’s and RDTA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers). They allow you to build your own coils and wick with your own cotton.

  2. How Do you Vape an RTA?

    Place your coil on the deck and feed the cotton into the coil. Fill the tank and vape.

  3. How Long do RTA coils Last?

    RTA coil life is dependent on the type of e-juice you vape and how much you vape.