Smok Nord X Kit Review

Smok Nord X Kit Review


Having released Nord 2, SMOK went on a hiatus for almost 9 months. Fans eagerly waited for SMOK to launch something (literally anything), but there was no activity from SMOK’s end – dead silence. It was just like the calm before the storm.

SMOK was setting the stage for its latest release, Nord X, which would usher in a new period for “N” series. Traditionally, in the vaping world, X versions foretell unlimited functions, monstrous performance, and a lot of “X-citement”.

While we stay hopeful for Nord X to have an even better performance than Nord 2, Nord X carries a burden to impress which won’t be just as easy to carry.

Let us dive into our review of SMOK Nord X Kit UK and see what’s waiting in store for us!

Smok Nord X Kit Review

First Impressions

On the first look, Nord X gives a trendy vibe with unmatched versatility. Moreover, it appears to be an extremely ergonomic pod vape. Nord X is eerily similar to Nord 2 kit except for a metallic strip on the pod that helps the pod attach securely to the rear body.

Build Quality & Design

Smok Nord X Kit Review


SMOK Nord X has a beautiful hexagonal pattern on its body that mimics the scaly skin of a cobra. The mod itself is rounded rectangular with a body that is bulkier than that of Nord 2’s.

The body has a solid, yet soft touch to it which offers an unparalleled feeling of richness to the one holding it. In simpler words, Nord X, albeit small, is glittered with an elegant, luxurious feel.


SMOK Nord X is the ultimate outdoor vaping machine. Nord X is equipped with armor that is sure to last you no matter how rough your journey is.

SMOK Nord X Kit is now waterproof and provides water resistance for water levels of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. We don’t strongly advise vaping inside a swimming pool, but if a vape or two can satisfy your fantasy of vaping inside a pool, we cannot advise against it either.

Let us blow your mind away with Nord X’s latest technology that blows the dust away! SMOK has made their latest mod, Nord X, dustproof so no dust ingress can adversely affect your mod.

Lastly, the shockproof body is built to withstand strong shocks that are caused due to accidental drops.

Battery Capacity

The number on the battery is quite decent at 1500mAh. However, do not let the numbers deceive you as 1500mAh offers an undeniably lasting performance.

More impressive is the recently introduced fast charging technology. SMOK Nord X needs only about 75 minutes to go from 0% to a full 100%.

Pods & Filling

Nord X Kit offers two pods:

· Nord X RPM 2 pod that supports RPM 2 coils

· Nord X RPM pod that is suitable for RPM coils.

Owing to two pod options, SMOK Nord X, with all its versatility and freedom, allows you to choose between Direct to Lung (DL) and Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping styles.

Moreover, filling the pods on Nord X Kit is as easy as it can possibly get. All you have to do is detach the pod, add e-liquid through the slot, and firmly press the slot to close it back.

Smok Nord X Kit Review


With 60 watts of output and minimum resistance of 0.2-0.3ohm, Nord X offers a vaping experience that is unlike any other.

The “smok” formation is huge, throat hit strong, and flavor most aromatic and rich. For both beginners and veterans, SMOK Nord X has offered a highly satisfying mod.

Final Verdict

Previous X versions have been a major let down. SMOK Nord X Kit, on the contrary, deserves our seal of approval.

The new RPM 2 coil and airflow design and triple protection against outdoor environments make SMOK Nord X an absolutely must-have for all mod vape enthusiasts.

Q & A:

  1. What age can you start vaping?

The legal age in most countries to buy e-cigarettes is 18 to 21, depends on different countries.

  1. What’s pod system?

Instead of using the tank, a pod system is a small vape comes with pod to hold the e-liquids.

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